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Why The Chrysalis Company?

A chrysalis is the cocoon-like wrapping a caterpillar goes into in order to become a butterfly. Big change comes to us all, because we choose it, or because life gives it to us. Embracing the process means entering the chrysalis. Remember the butterfly yet to come.

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About Jennie

Jennie serves individuals and groups seeking to joyfully inhabit their bodies and their lives, free from body-disconnect, fear, and excessive busy-ness. In addition to her training in spiritual care, yoga, and Integrative Yoga Therapy, she is a Reiki master/teacher, a Thai bodywork practitioner, and nationally board certified in massage and bodywork.

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Thai Bodywork
Private Yoga Therapy
Spiritual Direction

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If your body could talk, what would she say?

“Hand me another cookie?” Sure, but after the cookie, then what?
“I want a massage?”
“I need more sleep.”
“The feet hurt.”
“That guy is a pain in my @#$!. Feel that?!”
“No way am I doing that, if that’s what yoga is!”
“We gotta get out of this situation. This isn’t working.”
Life and busy-ness seem to steer us away from noticing what the body knows, but if you listen, you can hear lots of insightful noticings.
We are pulled away from listening deeply, and from sensing and feeling all parts of our being. We are rushed along to the next thing, and we take in images and notions of what a body should be, and how it should be controlled, shaped and managed. Over time, the body’s wisdom slips into the shadows, a faint echo still calling us toward home. Can you hear your body calling to you?

Come see me.

Take care of your body today with a table massage, Thai bodywork session, or private yoga therapy session.

  • “So much good to say! Yoga has helped my flexibility, but more than that the stretching helps relieve the aching. I appreciate Jennie’s style of yoga that includes breathing, stretching, postures, and relaxation. Most helpful is the instruction. Knowing what it “should” feel like and having her help with adjustment if needed.”

  • “Jennie did Thai Yoga Massage on me and it was absolutely wonderful.. Wish we lived close so I could visit her new company.”

    Sharon W.
  • “Having Jennie as my spiritual director has brought me back into touch with the deep well of self knowing that has sometimes been covered over in the busy-ness of parish ministry.   I was initially drawn to spiritual direction as a way to move forward with work on a doctoral project and soon discovered Jennie provided a channel back to my earlier call to explore the mystic within.  Jennie is one of the best listeners I have ever encountered, one who is able to weave the seemingly scattered images into a cohesive whole that helps me make meaning of life’s circumstances. Her ability to be fully present is such a gift.”

    Linda M.
  • “Although I am not very good at it, when I practice yoga, it brings harmony to my mind, body and soul. My favorite pose is savasana. In this pose, I feel a oneness with “All that is” and I am able to hear the wisdom of the spirit. If Jennie’s yoga class were likened to a garden, she would be a master gardener. She allows all the “flowers” in her garden to open in their own time with gentleness and compassion.”

    Karen W.
  • “Residents and visitors to Martha’s Vineyard are very lucky that Jennie is bringing her massage, counseling and mental health services to the Island! Massage is so beneficial to the body, mind and spirit. With Jennie you feel comfortable, and in caring hands. What a resource!, she will be missed….”

    Lee P.
  • “Yoga Therapy with Jennie was a transformational experience. My body and emotional awareness increased and from that place I was able to make positive changes in my life. Jennie helped me connect some very important dots and because of that I am in a better place physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”

  • “My private yoga lesson cost about the same as an hour of professional massage, but proposed a highly personalized routine that I could continue to use on my own. A recommended experience!”

    Mark S.